UX design outsource

UX design outsource

UX design outsource

UX design is one aspect of the development cycle that is now being outsourced. A capable UX design team can come in, understand your brand, and translate it into clean, subtle expressions within your web and mobile products. This is how effective outsourcing works.

UX partner trend

With the ever-growing skill set surrounding UX design (Artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, voice-control, etc) it has become a profession that is simply too big to incorporate into most companies when it is done right.

That is why big companies rather establish a long-term UX expert partner relationship than build and nurture a new department from scratch.

Pricing models

Dedicated Team

We believe that a good product can only be achieved when all team members have a good understanding of your business and your users.

Our Dedicated Team model is as simple and transparent as possible. We charge a fixed fee for a given team for a certain period. No surprises, only results.

We use not only a low blended rate for all team members, but we also provide hands-on oversight for free from our Director of User Experience to make sure you get the best possible performance from your dedicated team. You see, we’re not here to do one-off projects. We want to develop long-term relationships based on quality, trust, and transparency.

Our simple and transparent pricing model formula is very simple to calculate: (#) Resources ✕ Mixed rate ✕ Duration = $ Fixed Price Project

Time and Material

The 2 ways to get access to our expertise

Plan A.

We design. Your team or vendor builds.
Our dedicated UX design team works with your development team.

Plan B.

We design. Our partner builds for you.
We connect you to the considered design and development process.

And we create the best possible product by performing our UX research & UX/UI design services.