UX design approach

How we see UX

When we establish a UX team, we are definitely not making it part of a marketing, development, or QA team.

Because the main goal for User experience design is continually measuring and improving product usability. And not from a technical or market position but a cognitive point of view.

Our process is centered on the most important aspects of any product or website, namely users.

Before we begin designing, we start by examining what users need. To perform certain tasks, the client’s business must earn or save money.

Once the design process is complete, we package all of our UX assets and deliver them to the development team to start building the product.

Choosen design methodology

We choose Design Thinking principles because they apply to all areas of our lives, including strategic business planning. Design thinking allows meeting the needs of users in a way that ultimately grows the business.

User-Centered Design (UCD)

User Centered design process in our UX design approach

We prepare a planning map before starting the progect to make everything to the line. And have well-prepared design framework based on UCD for different types of projects.

The process and deliverables

We accept SDLC. And appreciate Agile.

Our design flow is based on UCD principles. And includes 5 stages. From User research and analysis to Informational Architecture (Mind map, Navigation), Prototyping (Wireframes, Interactive prototype), UI design stage (Mockup, UI style guide), and Usability testing.